Schedule of Tariff & General service Charges               Guidelines for PPA with IPPs upto 25MW
Consumer Corner
Employees Corner
Pensioner Corner
Mgt.Information System
Financial Statement
Training Programmes
IT Initiatives
Useful Tips
First APR Order for MYT period FY-16....&Tariff Schedule
Electrical Safety Manual & General Safety Instruction...
Clarification on HPSEBLCost Data..reg laying of electricity.

Annual Performance Review petition for Third MYT Control.

Final Cost data for the year 2014-15 in respect of 33kV lines,
Draft Manual of practices for handling consumes complaints.

Redrafted Sales Manual for Public/stakeholders comments.

Tariff and Schedule of General & Services Charges

Tariff Petition & Disclosure.

EHV Cost Data for 2014-15

GPF Statements for FY- 2014-15

 Online Energy Bill Payments

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