CE(North)- CE(South) - CE(MM) - CE(P&M) - HPERCMiscellaneous - IT - CE(Comm.)-

Managing Director(MD)
Non-adherence of instructions regulating drawing limits-Delay in releasing of payments thereof
Executive Director (Personnel)
Office order no 9 to constitute a Central Billing Monitoring (CBM) Cell in the office of the CE(Comm.)... dated 27.02.15

CWP No.5344/2014 titled as Sh.Bhim Singh Vs State of HP.

Addendum for Notification No. HPSEBL/ Sectt/PO/321-11(Bonus)14-51986-52026 dated 5.12.2014,the payment for bonus..
Office order regarding cancellation of promotion of Field & .Tech. Categories as Foreman (Civil).....
Office order regarding cancellation of promotion of Helper (L/M) as Air Compressor Operator & AirConditioning Plant Operator.
Office order 29 the request of Smt. Meena Sharma, Sr.Astt. to  fore-go her promotion as Supdt. Gr-II for one year...
Regarding fixation of pay of Ex-servicemen re-employed under the Government against the vacancies reserved for...
Office Order regarding Promotion in respect of posts having more than one channel-instructions regarding.
Office Order no 2 regarding transfer/ shift of 10 posts of various categories with staff from existing 22 KV control point Mandi
Office order no 3 regarding  sanction for deployment security staff is hereby accorded  for M/S R.M. Minerals(Pvt.) Ltd. Una
Proposal regarding continuance of all temporary post for the year 2015-2016 .
Fixation of pay in the post wise revision of pay scales-Clarification regarding grant of next increment on the revised GP
Clarification regarding recovery of TBPS
Office order regarding petitioner Shyama Nand regarding his adjustment/transferfrom ED HPSEBLReckong Peo....
Show Cause Notice to Sh. Budhi Singh, Bill Distributor while working in ED HPSEBL,J/nagar was arrested by the police..
Office order no 57 to withdraw the shifting/transfer orders of the administrative control of 66 KV Sub-Station at Nogli ..
Notification circulated vide No. HPSEB(SECTT)/R&E/106-10/2014-24227-447 dated 24.7.2014
Notification to adopt Govt. Policy regarding conversation of Part Time Workers into daily-wages basis who have completed 8..
Policy to regulate the services of part-time workers
Office order no 44 & 46  regarding shifting of administrative control of AE..shift of administrative control of 1668 Consumers
Office order no 335 to include Kanwar Digvijay Singh, Advocate in the panel of SC-cum-LAs/Lawyers of HPSEB Ltd.
Office Order 6 to define the duties of T/mate & Junior T/mate catogories ....dated 08-12-2014
Office Order 329 regarding re-designation of Shri Madan Lal Mehta, Deputy Secretary (Law), as Joint Secretary (Law)
Office Order 328 regarding re-designation of SE(C/M), who have completed 3 years.. as Dy.Chief Engineers(C/M)..
Office Order 53 to change the nomenclature of the senior most incumbent in ministerial cadre...
Office Order 52 to re-designate the post of Deputy Director(Personnel) in the PB of ...dated 14-11-14
Office order 325 regarding re-designation of post of Deputy Director (Personnel) as Joint Director......
Occupation of Board Rest Houses-instructions.thereof.
Office Order Sh. Vinod Kumar. Supdt.(D/A) is hereby transferred from 220KV Sub-Station Division.HPSEB Ltd., Jassure to Operation Circle. HPSEB Ltd., Mandi against vacancy without TTA/Joining Time ...
Instructions regarding granting of benefits under Scheme of 9/16 years TBPS & 23 years Advance Promotional Increment after post based revision of pay structure/Grade Pay w.e.f 1.10.2012....
"P.O Section " HPSEBL pleased to withdraw the Memorandum Agenda Item No.24.08 dated 22.5.10 with regard to regularizing the workers after rendering 20 years services on "Work Order Basis"
Office order.04 regarding powers vested in under Article 71(xi)to make changes in regulation namely..
Office order no 313 regarding relieving the charge of Chairman  FRGC by Er. S.L Sharma ...
Office order no 05 regarding grade pay of Rs 150 shall not be admissible to the following  categories..
Office order no 50 to appoint /engage Mr. P.S.R Murthy as Secretarial ,Auditor of the HPSEBL....
Office Order No. 48 regarding  transfer the administrative control of Civil Mtc. Sub-division,Thirot....
Office Memorandum regarding substitute the para-2 of the letter bearing No,. MPP-B(6}-1/2004-II-L...
Office Order no 47 to constitute the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Office Order no 204 to authorize the Deputy Director (Pers.} to sign,attest, authenticate any plaint..
Office Order no 278 regarding appointment of StandingCounsel-cum-Legal Advisor R.K Negi...
Office regarding extend the contract period of all Data Entry Operators hired from the service providers.
Office Order to extend the contract period of disabled persons (as per Annexure-A,B,C & D)appointed/joined against  3% quota meant for person with disabilities...
Office Order no 42  to re-constitute the Audit committee of the HPSEBL..dated 040914
Office Order no 41 to constitute the Nomination & Remuneration Committee of HPSEBL.. dated 040914
Amendment in the existing provisions under column NO.6 & 2 appearing against Sr. No.1 (v) (c) and Sr. No.8 (A) (viii)of HPSEB Ltd: Revised Delegation of Financial Powers
Office order no 247 regarding the work of conducting /defending cases..assigned to Rama kant Standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisor
Office order 246 regarding extension in service in favour of Er.Bhagwan Singh Negi Sr.EE(C/M)
Office order no 40 to declare 2x3.15 MVA, 33/11 KV unmanned Sub-Station Panthaghati  as manned S/Stn.(ii) to close 2x2 MVA, 33/4 KV Sub-Station Section .....Shimla dated 14.08.2014
HPSEBL is pleased to order the following amendment in Column No.6,8 &9 of the R&P Regulations for the poast of Law Officer Grader -I
Grant of family pension to the families of the military pensioners and continuance of family pension to mentally/physically retarded children even after their marriage.
Office Order no 39 to create Electrical Sub-Division, Khad under .the administrative control of the ...
Office Order no 34 to withdraw the shifting of HQ of ESD Bilaspur to 220KV S/Stn. kangoo comlpex.
Corrigendum regarding powers were delegated to concerned CE for deciding emergency in .....Empanel.
Notification regarding partial modification of the office notification no NO.HPSE8 (Sectt)/R&E/106-1/RTI Act, 2005/2011-12-49966-50266 dated 06-08-2014
Office Order regarding regularization of daily waged workers/contingent paid workers.. dated 04-08-14
Office Order regarding Reservation  of vacancies for Ex-servicemen and the dependent sons, daughters and wives of Ex-servicemen-procedure regarding
Office Order regarding Regularization of contract appointees in  the Government Departments.
HPSEBL is pleased to appoint the directors as Key Managerial Personnel of HPSEBL with immediate effect for one year. dated 06-08-2014
Notification to amend existing R&P regulation of all categories of Field Technical Staff... dated 24-07-14
Amendment in FR-56 regarding extension of service of Government servants -clarification thereto
Amendment in Delegation of Disciplinary Powers in respect of services & Posts ( Class I, II, II & IV) dated 25.07.2014
Notification regarding recruitment Rules for the post of junior T/Mate & r-notify the amended R&P Rules..
Office order no 2 dated 16-07-2014
To create 677 post of Junior-Mate in the Pay Band ..A1 CPB of Rs4900-1068O+13OO GP dated 16-07-14

Regarding hiring of private vehicles in Government Organizations

Office Order regarding Revision of daily wage worker
Office order regarding extension in service beyond the age of superannuation i.e. 58 years.. dated 1.7.14
Notification regarding Extension in service beyond the age of superannuation i.e. 58 years till the attainment of age of 59 years,
Notice titled as S/Sh. Kewal Singh & Pardeep Dhiman V/S HPSEB & Others....
Office Order of left out officers Seniority list....of Sr.Executive Engineers.
Economy Instructions EM-099(i)
Office Order No. 25 dated 09-05-2014
Corrigendum in  continuation to offlce notification No.HPSEBL(SECTT)/R&E/6-156/2013-52350-570
Office Order No. 116 dated 29-4-2014
Office Order No. 24 regarding deployment of 138 sercurity personnel.. dated 28-4-2014
Notification regarding substitution in  Department notification No. HPSEB(SECTT)/R&E/106-10...
Office Order regarding training of different Module Under ERP
Grant of free medical facilities to the HPSEBL Pensioners and their dependents
Office Order No.104  regarding redistribution of work amongst  the following  as Standing Counsel-cum-
Office Order Regarding all disciplinary cases and Inquiries of Non-Gazetted  including Field Technical
Office Order no 92 regarding appointment of Sh. Pankaj negi as Standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisor..
Office Order No.6  regarding the matter.. of IT cell would be henceforth by CE(Comm) through Dir(Op)..
Office Order No.76  regarding appointment as Standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisor of the HPSEB Ltd
Grant of Dearness Allowance to the Employees of HPSEBL 1-7- 13.
Office order regarding adoption of amendment in House allotment rules 1994
Office memorandum No HPSEBL/(sectt.) R&E-101-37/99-83140-340 dated 19/02/14
Office Order No.3 regarding transfer/shift the administrative control of the 66 KV S/Stn at Nogli
Office Order No.1 is pleased to abolish 27 various categories under I &P wing... dated 29-01-2014
Memorandum regarding appointment of sons/daughter/near relations of HPSEB Ltd. servant who...
Appointment to the post member(Grid Operation & Distribution in the central electricity ...
Notification regarding Departmental Screening Committee   Dated 18-01-2014
Office Order regarding re-vokation from dismissal & re-instatements in Board's services as AEE(E)
Office Order no 32 regarding diversionof one  post of  Private Secretary from surplus pool of Board sect..
Office Order No.18  regarding  payment of fee & other expenses etc. in respect of the newly appointed Standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisors
Appointment of sons/daughter/near relations of HPSEB Ltd. servant who die in harness leaving...
Action taken report to be intimated to the Aggrieved parties/Representationists
Notice regarding department examination dated 18-01-2014
Holding of Departmental Examination of the Engineering Officers.. Dated 18-01-2014
Procedure for regularization of daily waged 03.01.14.
Office Order no 13 regarding amendmnet in office order No.5/HPSEBL(SECTT)/2012 dated 01.09.2012
"Action'against' Goverument servants who get appointment on the basis of false,SC/ST/OBC certificites.
Application for allotment of residential accommodation-Revised application thereof.
Maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal Report communication of all entries.
Submission of APARs in respect of Junior Engineer (Elect) Degree/AMIE/Diploma...
Submission of APARs in respect of Junior Engineer (C/M) Degree/AMIE/Diploma...
Office Order No.419  regarding appointment as Standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisor of the HPSEB Ltd
Action Taken Report to be intimated to the Aggrieved parties.Representationists.
Office Order No 417 regarding redesination of Sr.EE(C/M) as Addl.SE(C/M) on completion of 5 years..
Office Order No 413 regarding redesination of Sr.EE(E) as Addl.SE(E) on completion of 5 years service
Office Order no 29 regarding renaming of ED HPSEBL Sunni...
Notification regarding  constitution of the Departmental Litigation Monitoring Committee
Notification regarding "Managing Director of the company shall be Chairman of the Board of Trustees"
Self-Certification of documents by the applicant/stakeholders
Office Order regarding charges for occupation of accommodation in Rest Houses of the Board
Appointment of sons/daughter/near relations of HPSEB Ltd. servant who die in harness.. dated 31-10-13
Office order no 22 regarding administrative control of the Rong Tong Power House.....dated 07-11-13
Implementation of Consitution(85th Amendment)Act,2001 & assignment of senority to SC/ST Govt servants on promotion by virtue of rule of reservation/roster ..dated 30-10-2013
Office Order no 23 regarding diversion of post  Sr.Assistant from ESD Bilaspur to ED Bilaspur 07-11-2013
Office Order no 24 regarding diversion of 1 post of driver from ED manali to ED keylong in the exigency.
Office Order regarding Standing instructions to government Nominees on Board of Directors of Public Sector Undertaking/ Autonomous Bodies ...dated 07-11-2103
Office Order regarding transfer of one post of JE (E) from RE Baner Power house to.... dated 07-11-2013
Office Order no. 27 to create 13 posts of Superintendent(Divisional Accounts)   ..dated 08-11-13
Office Order to hire one number additional DEO,vide this OO No. HPSEBL/CE(Comm)/DEO/13-2514-30
Office Order regarding regularization of daily waged workers/contingent paid workers.  ..dated 08-11-13
Notification regarding  amendments in the R&P Regulations to the post of Accounts Officer...
Notification regarding amendments in Column No.2, 5, 6 & 7 of R&P Regulations for the post of T/Mate..
Office order no 22 regarding administrative control of the Rong Tong Power House.....dated 26-10-2013
Regarding Vacancy Circular  dated 221013
Submission of Annual Confidential Report...dated 01-11-2013
Notification regarding partial modification to the office order no.635 dated 30/10.2013 endorsed ....
Office order 19 regarding to create ED  Fathepur under adminstrative control of SE .....dated 15-10-13
Office order regarding taking of charge for the post of CE(MM) ....Dated 15-10-13
Notification regarding regarding filling up 50% posts on batch wise basis issued vide..Dated 05-10-13
Office order no.10 regarding the need to rationalize pay sacle/pay structureof certain catogories of HPSEBL
Appointment of sons/daughters/near relations of Govt servant who die in harness leaving.....
Office order regarding issue of livery articles to Drivers & Auto workers.
Office order no.328 regarding appointment of Sh.K.C bhatia as SC-cum-LA of HPSEBl at distt Court Hmr..
Office Order regarding HP allotment of Govt. residence
Ban on transfers-instructions thereof
Regarding reservation of OBC classes-exclusion of creamy layer for the purpose of appointments...
Office Order no.393 regarding extension of contract period of Electrician/Electrician(PH)(E)...
Office order No. 311 dated 03-09-2013
Office Order No.310 dated 31-08-2013
Notification regarding designation of SE/Chief Engineer as PIO and Appellate authorities.
Notification regarding bifurcated the post of CMD into separate post of Chairman and Managing Director...
Office Order No.310 dated 31-08-2013
Notification regarding taking of charge of post of Managing Director of HPSEBL.
Eligibility of dependent sons,daughters & wives of Ex-Servicemen for posts reserved for Ex-Servicemen.
Office Order regarding transfer of Administrative control of IT Cell...
Office Order regarding re-assignment of the seniority to Ex-Servicemen
Office Order no. 235 regarding transfers and postings/adjustments of JE(E) (S/Stn.)(Tete.)
Office Order no.276 regarding appointments of avocate as standing Counsel-cum-Legal Advisior HPSEBL
Office Order no.293 regarding transfers and posting of Sr.Assistant(s)
Office Order no.294 regarding transfer and posting/adjustment of Clerks
Office Order No.295 regarding transfer and posting/adjustment of Class-IV(Non-Tech) Staff
Order no 206 regarding appointments of advocate as standing Counsel-Cum-legal advisor of HPSEBL.....
Office Order no. 250  dt. 18-7-13
Office Order regarding General Transfers of Government employees-Lifting of Ban
Office Order to extend the contract period of 210 No.disabled persons (as perAnnexure-A,B,C,D&E)....
Order no.247 regarding appointments of advocate. as Standing Counsel-cum-legal advisor of HPSEBL..
Office Order no.233 regarding redistribution of work b/w Sh.Rajpal singh & Smt.Sharmila patial....
Office Order regarding providing of reservation to disabled person in respect of class-I to IV posts/......
Office Order regarding Special Leave Petition (Civil)No.66-68 of 2008 Narain Singh Chaudhary v/s.......
Office Order No.254 HPSEBL(Sectt) FTE-2 dt.27-6-13
Office Order No.214 HPSEBL(Sectt)2013 - dt.25-6-2013
Holding of HPSEBL SAS Part-I and II Examination
File management instruction thereon dt.12-6-2013
Office Order No. HPSEBL(SECTT)/R&E/14-80/2013-22466-686 dt.24-06-13
Payment of expenses dt.21.06.2013
Office Order No 11 dt 20-06-2013
Office Order No.HPSEBL(SECTT)/R&E/14-2(PWDs)/2013-22689-909 dt.24-06-2013
Office Order regarding Guiding principles for effecting transfer of employees appointed on Contract Basis.
Office Order regarding increase in Contractual amount @3 % clarification thereof
Petition application of Sh. Jitender Bhardwaj.
Office order regarding Empanelment of Private Hospital/Health lnstitution within the state .....
Office order regarding new pay range  on PSPCL pattern
Office Order 186 regarding tranfer & posting of of JE(Elect.),diploma & non diploma holders.dt.17.5.13
Office Order  No.182
Suggestions for better working and coordination in Court matters
Notification regarding the period for enpanelment of Dr. Suman Heart Center. The Ridge Shimla  
Judgement of Honable SC w.r.t recovery of overpayment 10-04-2013
Office Order regarding regularization of contract appointees in Govt departments.. dt.29-3-13
Office Order no-98.... dt.21-03-2013
Notification EDP Empanel list.  dt.15-3-13.
Office Order no-13.... dt.13-3-2013
Notification Regarding substitution in term and condition  for employees.......  dt. 28-02-13
Notification Regarding amendment in existing regulation for Departmental Examination....   dt. 28-02-13
Office order regarding quantum of amount of HBA  ...dt 16.2.13
Regarding Enhancement of Annual Income for the purpose of Employment Assistance...dt 16.2.13
Appointment of sons/daughter/near relations of a Government servant who dies in ......dt 16.2.13
Notification Regarding Departmental Examination for Engineering Officers  dt. 12/12/2012
Office order no 22/HPSEB(SECTT)/2013 regarding transfers/posting of Sr.XEN ..dt.1.2.13
Corrigendum NO.HPSEBL(SECTT)/105-141/2010-11-12-93157-357....dt.29.1.2013
Corrigendum NO.HPSEBL(SECTT)/105-141/2011-12-92753-953 ....dt.28.1.2013
Office Order no 22 HPSEBL(SECTT)/2013 ..dt 28.1.13
Office Order no 18 HPSEBL(SECTT)/2013 to promote JE(C/M) on regular basis..dt 29.1.13
Implementation of constitution(85th Amendment)Act 2001 & assignment of Seniority to SC/ST.dt.17.1.13
OOregarding Grant of fixed medical allowance for HPSEBL Govt Employee/pensioners...dt. 17.1.13
OFFICE ORDER NO 10/HPSEBL(SECTT)/13 regarding re-designated of AE(C/M) to AEE(C/M) dt.17.1.2003
Payment of overtime wages to the staff covered under Factories Act, 1948. .dated 18.06.09
Office order No.42/HPSEBL/SECTT./HRD/2012 regarding JE(CS) adminstrative control ..dated 27/11/2012
Corrigendum office order No.10 HPSEBL (SECTT)/11-12 dated 18.12.2012
Office order No.44  to divert post of AE(C/M) to the office of SE(OP) Rampur dt.27.12.12
Office order No.45 to divert post of various categories from ED sunni to ED-1  Shimla dt.27.12.12
Office order No.46 regarding Khauli construction sub-division no-IV Shahpur.....dt.27.12.12
Office order No.548 regarding transfer of Sr.astt and posted in ED-II HPSEBL Shimla.. dt.27.12.12
Office order(Rental Charges for occupation of accommodation  in Rest House) dated 19.12.12
Notification ammendment in R&P rule 4  dated  6-9-2012
Notification regarding empanelment of Hospitals.. dated 13-3-12
Ammendment in R&P rules AE-Electrical.  dated 10-1-12
Amemdment in R&P Rules to the post of JE (Electrical)..
Addendum  dated 31-8-10
Litigation Notification
DOFP ADDENDUM-1 Ex. Director Personnel .Shimla 6-9-2012.
Office order to extend the contract of 169 No. disabled person appointed against 3% quota dated 28-8-12
Office Order Nos 3 (Dated 16-08-2012)
Promotion order of AEs from JEs.. dated 14-06-12
Relaxation of standard/concessions to the SCs /STs/OBCs against unreserved posts.... dated 03-02-12
Payment of arrears on account of revision of1/3rd commuted portion of pension...... dated 03-02-12
Delegation of Financial Powers(DOFP)-2011(Revised)  dated 20-01-12
Revision of pay scale and pension/and family pension w.e.f 1.1.2006....
List of 172 disabled Persons appointed/joined against 3% Quota ...dated 6-08-11
Amendments Regulation-7...dated 25-11-2011
Empanelled hospitals
. Notification regarding empanelled hospitals by govt to automatically deemed to be ... dated 24.03.14
Empanelled Hospital List dated 18.12.13
Office order regarding Empanelment of Private Hospital/Health lnstitution within the state .....
Notification regarding empanelled hospitals... dated 26-03-2009
HP Govt. notification regarding framing policy for granting empanelment for health institutions 14-07-2006
Notification regarding the period for empanelment of Dr. Suman Heart Center. The Ridge Shimla  
Chief Engineer (System Operation & Planning)
Notification for signing of Power Purchase Agreements, processing of Bills of IPPs and other HPERC matters
Notice Inviting Objections/Suggestions on the draft detailed operating procedures for grant of connectivity ,MTOA & LTA
Chief Engineer (North)
Office Order regarding re-designated of  Junior Engineers Electrical as AEE(E)..completion of 9 years
serious default on the part of M/s Eri Tech Ltd. Kolkata in completion of allotted work of Survey,design..
Chief Engineer (South)
Construction of 33kV line from Bharari to \idgah, Conversion of 15kV line into 33kV line from Totu to Idgah and Construction. of 33kV Bay at Khallini and Bharari under RAPDRP Scheme (Shimla Town)-Clarification thereof
Chief Engineer (MM)
Blacklisting of Ms IVRCL Hyderabad in MVVNL
Stock Balance of Major items (Centralized items) for the month ending 9/2014    Dated 17-11-2014
Stock Balance of Major items (Centralized items) for the month ending 5/2014    Dated 17-07-2014
Stock Balance of major items for the month ending 12/2013.          Dated 11-02-14
Stock Balance of major items for the month ending 10/2013.          Dated 18-12-13
Remedial measures to rationalizing purchases CE (MM) Dated 24-7-13
Bench Marking of Rate for abundantly/oftenly used field items for R/M & construction of HT & LT S/stn.
Dy.Secretary HPSEBL
Notification regarding the charge taken over the post of Executive Director (Personnel) HPSEBL.
Dy.Secretary(GE)/Addl Secy(GE)/Addl Secy
Corrigendum regarding date of placement in the higher grade pay of Rs 9600 must be read "13.11.2013".
Office order regarding seniority position of left out officer
Regarding Vacancy Circular 26-06-13
Application for filling up of one each post of Electrical Inspector & Dy.Electrical Inspector by transfer..GOG
Chief Engineer (Commercial)
Definition of connected Load & provision of changeover switch provided as per notification No.7/98 dt.
Delegation of power to make power commitments and sanction of load falling under the competency of HPSEB ltd.  ...
Detailed procedure for grant of Connectivity ,Medium-term Open Access & Long-term Open Access
Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) for Domestic & Non -Domestic category consumers (except industrial) for unauthorized extension of load up to 20 kW....dated 23-12-2014
Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) for Domestic & Non -Domestic category consumers (except industrial) for unauthorized extension of load up to 20 kW....dated 29-09-2014
Incremental Power Purchase Cost during theist Quarter of FY -2014-15 recovery thereof through arrears..dated 27.09.14
Format for PAC and Demand Notice
Stock Balance of major items (Centralized items) for the month ending 7/2014
Stock Balance of Major items (Centralized items) for the month ending 6/2014
Appeal made against PIO-cum-S.E.(Comm.) office letter No. 3641 dated 06.06.2014
Interest on Security Deposit for the year 2013-14 to be paid in the financial year 2014-15
Office order regarding sanction of peak load exemption (PLE) ......under ESD Parwanoo  Dt. 2-4-2014
Office order regarding sanction of peak load exemption (PLE) ......under ESD Kala Amb.. Dt. 2-4-2014
Office order regarding sanction of peak load exemption (PLE) ......under ESD Barotiwala . Dt. 2-4-2014
Reduction in ED for Industrial consumers

Office Order regarding reduction of Peak load exemption from 2700 kVA to 2160 kVA (M/s Himchem Ltd )

Office Order regarding reduction of Peak load exemption from 95 kVA to 15 kVA

Office Order regarding reduction of Peak load exemption from 320 kVA to 200 kVA sanctioned
Office Order regarding approval of withdrawal/cancellation of PLE
Transfer of "Private Sector Project Cell" (PSP) alongwith sanctioned posts & incumbents. dated 29-11-13
Approval for Reduction of PLE granted.
PLE Cancelation of Durable conductors
Clarification regarding charging of Demand Charges & Contract Demand violation charges as per clause..
Revised DOP to field officer for withdrawal/reduction in quantum of peak load hours load sanction.
Interest on Security Deposit for the year 2012-13 to be paid in the financial year 2013-14.
Petition under regulation 14 of the HPERC (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electricity) Regulations, 2012 for approval of Schedule of Service Connection Charges,containing normative rates...........
Delegation of Powers for issuance of NOC for installation of Standby Diesel Generating Sets...
Office Order SE(Enf..& EA) dt.30.3.13
Sanction for Peak load Exemption(PLE) in favour of following industries under ESD Baddi....
Preparation of final results Frame Work Document (RFD) for HPSEBL for FY 12-13
Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electricity) Regulation,2012-Proposal for Scheduled.....(Dated 23-1-2013)
Office Order O&M guidelines  (Dated 21-12-2012)  
HP Electricity (Duty) Act, 2009 & ammendment  dated 04-09-2010
Brief Guidelines for dealing with cases of theft and unauthorized use of electricity...dated 19-03-2012
Capex Plan for FY12 to FY14
Guidelines for dealing with cases of theft and unauthorized use of electricity
Energy Audit of Feeders.. dated 16-11-11
SE(Cont.) O/O CE(MM)

Dispatch Instruction Purchase order No. HPSEBl/CE(MM)/II/-CT-PT-10/2013-L-03-5134-52

Registration of Vendors.. Ref (Letter No. MYPL/251/12-13 dated 8.02.2013.)
Registration of Vendors.. Ref (Letter No.GC/VR/2013-006 dated 31.01.2013.)
Dy. Secy./Under Secy.(R&E)/Under Secy(NGE)
Appointment of sons/daughter/near relations of HPSEB Ltd. servant who die in harness leaving...
Office Order no 100. dt.28.3.13
Office Order no 102. regarding Transfer & Posting of Sr.Assistants  dt.28.3.13
Office Order no 103. dt.29.3.13
Accessibility Standards and guidlines dated 26-5-12
Director (Finance & Accounts)/Chief Accounts Office(CAO)/Dy.CAO/Sr.AO(Fund)

Instructions regulating Cash Books/cash transactions.

Exemption from e-payment to deposit Service Tax. dated 10.12.2014
Correct procedure for final payment of GPF & NRA CAO 14-3-14.pdf
Submission of Accounts for the Month of March, 2014 & March, 2014 (Supplementary accounts) Instruction thereof
Revised Budget Estimates for the year 2013-2014 and Budget Estimates for the year 2014-2015.
Expeditious disposal of Pension cases and Final withdrawal cases of GPF in respect of retiring ........
Submission of Accounts for the month of March 2013 & 2104
Contributory Pension Scheme.
Instruction regarding correct accounting of repair and maintenance of fixed assets register...dated 5-9-11
Chief Engineer (P&M)
Outsourcing of Consumer Billing through Service Providers instead of Franchisee arrangement
Submission of schemes/estimates relating to execution of Civil Works..........
Meeting to review "Policy for setting up the Mobile Communication Towers" ...
Revised Technical Instruction on Estimates-4.....dated 23-08-01
Construction of 33/11 Kv,2X6.3 Mva Sub-Station at Rampurghat under ED HPSEBL Ponta(R-APDRP Part-B)

Application form for residential accommodation

Shifting of  office of Senior Ex.Er. Shimla Electrical Division No. I, HPSEBL  Shimla -2 from Charlie Villa to SDA Complex Block No.8 Kasumpti Shimla -9

Providing of employment after completing all codal formalities
Filling up the post of Chairman & Managing Director, SJVNL in Schedyle "A" of the CPSE,....
Supply of information under RTI 2005 Dated 09.01.14
Office Order ....Sr.Executive Engineer P/H Electrical Mtc Division Bhaba Nagar
The Direct Inward Dialing (DID) facility has been activated on the EPABX system  .... dated 02-12-13
No due respect to general public/citizens while communicating to them by the Govt/SemiGovt. ...
Minutes of the Meeting held on 18-5-2012 at 3:00PM for appointments of Visually Impaired ..
Providing of reservation to the disabled persons in respect of Class-I to IV posts/services to be...30-5-12
Annual Administrative Report 2010-11
Direction from safai Karamcharis commission  dated 11-01-12
Compliance  Of Directions Imparted in the MYT order for Second Control period
HPSEB Ltd. Distribution Performance Standards Regulations for  Redressal  of Consumer Grievances
Regarding HPSEB Ltd (A state Govt Undertaking)
Transfer of employees from Tribal/Difficult/hard areas-instruction regarding first move without.....24-2-12
Dealing of cases under industrial disputes act 1947...dated 13-1-12
Office order for cancellation of tender Tender No. SE(Op) NHN IDB-14/2011.... dated 4-2-12
Nomination of Ex-Officio Vigilance Officer....dated 17-01-12
Office Order Regarding transfer of "Prlvate Sector Project Cell" along with sanctioned posts& incumbents..
Delegation of Administrative powers...
Office order regarding rejection of Tenders.. dated 5-9-11
HPERC(Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission)
HPERC (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electricity) Regulations,2012- proposal for...
Second Annual Performance Review(APR)
Multi Year Tariff Order For HPSEBL for the FY12 to FY14
HPERC(Distribution Performance Standards) Regulation,2010 Dated 8-0ct-2010
Information technology/Dy.CE(IT)/SE(IT)/CE(Comm)
Office Order to extend the contract period of Data Entry Operators....deployed in the Subdivisions.. for the period of 01-02-2015 to 31-03-2015 (2 months)
Office Order to extend the contract period of Data Entry Operators....deployed in the Subdivisions.. for the period of 01-12-2014 to 31-01-2015 (2 months)
Training (for Budget & Accounts staff) at DRC, HPSEBL, Badripur, Ponta to be convened from 19/5/2014..
Office Order regarding extension of Data Entry Operators deployed in ESD upto 31.03.2014
Regarding collection of electricity bill payments through Lok Mitra Kendras.
Himachal Pradesh Government Data Card Plan for Internet access
Generation of Consumer ledgers from Billing Application
SBM User Instructions
Information regarding HCL Helpdesk support services Dated 7/2/13
Procurement of UPS & SBM batteries at various locations. Dated:-8/10/12