Himachal Pradesh, spread over an area of  55673 Sq.kms., is located in the Northern part of India. It is situated South of Jammu and Kashmir and North-East of the Punjab State. It is located at altitudes ranging between 450 m and 6500 m above mean sea level. There is a general increase in elevation from West to East and from South to North. There are five major river basins in the State contributing both to the Indus and Ganges basin e.g. the Chenab, the Ravi, the Beas, the Satluj and the Yamuna. The State is endowed with more than 20000 MW of hydro potential out of which only about 4000 MW of potential has so far been exploited. 

The projects offered are located in the Ravi, Beas and Yamuna basins.  


i)                    Sai-Kothi (17 MW) 

Sai-Kothi Hydroelectric Project (HEP) has been contemplated a run of the river scheme on Baira nallah, a tributary of river Suil/Ravi in Tissa, Distt. Chamba H.P. nearly 95 kms from Chamba.  It is an upstream development of the existing Baira-Suil Project. The dam site has been proposed at 2 km upstream of Village Shali and the Power house at 100 m downstream of same village on the right bank of the nallah.

The project envisages construction of a 20 m high dam at El.  1310 m to divert a flow of  20 cumecs through a  2.40 km long head race tunnel on the right bank of  nallah to generate 17 MW of power in a surface power house by utilising a head of about 100m. 

ii)                  Lambadug (15 MW) 

The proposed Lambadug HEP is a run of the river development scheme on Lambadug khad, a major tributary of river Uhl  nearly 40 kms from Joginder Nagar in district Mandi of Himachal Pradesh.  The proposal envisages utilisation of inflows of both Uhl and Lambadug Khads for power generation. One Trench weir on Uhl khad at EL 2000 m, intake and underground desilting tank with 1.8 m D-shaped HRT 2.45 km long,  conveys 4.06 cumecs design discharge to forebay and another Trench weir on Lambadug at EL 2005 m, intake and underground desilting arrangement with 2.10 m D-shaped HRT 3.24 Kms long conveys 8 cumecs design discharge to Forebay cum storage tank at EL 1990 m.   A 1.85 m dia 1400 m long penstock bifurcating near surface power house at Malthan village with an installed capacity of  15 MW (2x7.5MW) utilizing a gross head of 146 m has been proposed. 

iii)                Baragaon (10.5 MW) 

The proposed Baragaon HEP is a run of the river development on Sanjoin Nallah, a tributary of river Beas, located near Baragaon village  nearly 30 kms from Kullu in Distt. Kullu of H.P. ( This scheme is upstream of Baragaon SHP allotted by Him Urja). The project is connected by a motorable road from Patlikuhal connecting NH-21. The proposed Baragaon HEP comprises of two trench weirs on Sanjoin and Bijora nallahs at El. 2120 m with discharge drawing capacities of 4.58 cumecs and 2.5 cumecs respectively, an interconnecting channel (between two weirs) with RCC box section of 1.25 m x 1.75 m to convey a discharge of 3.44 cumecs, a surface desilting tank comprising of two chambers, a head race channel 1.5mx2m RCC box section, 1.95 km long designed to carry 4.25 cumecs discharge, a surface fore- bay with 1300 cum  capacity, a surface single penstock 1.1m dia  620 m long and a surface power house on the right bank of Sanjoin nallah with two vertical axis pelton wheel driven generating units of 5.25 MW each with total installed capacity of 10.5 MW utilizing a gross head of 320 m.  A 30 m long 1.80 m x 2.25 m box section tail race channel discharging the water back into Sanjoin Nallah has been proposed. T

iv)        Sainj (100MW)

Sainj hydroelectric project has been proposed as run of the river development over river Sainj, a tributary of river Beas in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. The proposed scheme envisages diversion of inflows of river Sainj near Niharni Village at El 1750 m on the right bank of Sainj River and an under ground power house at the confluence of Jiwa Nallah and Sainj river upstream of power house of proposed Parbati HEP Stage-II. The scheme comprises a diversion gated barrage at El 1750m downstream of Niharni village on Sainj River. The FRL and MDDL have been proposed at EL 1765m and EL 1755m respectively. The desilting arrangement consists of a surface central silt gutter type desilting tank.  A 3.5m circular concrete lined 7km. long head race tunnel on left bank of Sainj river to carry 30 cumecs discharge, an underground restricted orifice type surge shaft at the end of HRT, a single pressure shaft 2.70m dia, 550m long to carry 30 cumecs discharge into power house. An underground power house has been proposed on the right bank of the river Sainj near confluence of Jiwa Nallah and Sainj river nearly 52 kms from Kulllu on Banjar Road housing 2 vertical axis pelton wheel driven generating units each of 50mw capacity utilizing a gross head of 420 m to provide total installed capacity of 100MW, 5m D-shaped tail race tunnel 300m long will discharge the water back into Sainj river.