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Tariff Notification No. 7/2007                        Dated: - 17th April 2007                         

In pursuance of the tariff order dateD 16 April 2007 issued by the Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board is pleased to notify the following Schedule of Tariff and the general conditions of tariff for supply of electricity to various categories of consumers in Himachal Pradesh with effect from april 1, 2007


A.      This schedule may be called the ‘ Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Schedule of Electricity Tariff, 2007 ’ 

B.       This Schedule of Tariff shall come into force with effect from 1st April 2007 and will be applicable through out the state of Himachal Pradesh. 

C.      The rates mentioned in this Schedule of Tariff are exclusive of electricity duty, taxes and other charges already levied or as may be levied by the government of Himachal Pradesh from time to time.

D.      This tariff automatically supersedes the existing tariff that was in force with effect from July 3, 2006 except in such cases where ‘Special Agreements’ have otherwise been entered into for a fixed period, by HPSEB with its consumers. Street Lighting Agreements shall however, not be considered as ‘Special Agreements’ for this purpose and revised tariff as per schedule ‘SLS’ of this Schedule of Tariff shall be applicable. 

E.       This Schedule of Tariff is subject to the provisions of related HPERC Regulations notified by the HP Electricity Regulatory Commission from time to time, and ‘Schedule of General and Service Charges’. 

F.       Force Majeure Clause - in the event of lockout, fire or any other circumstances considered by the Board to be beyond the control of the consumer, he shall be entitled to proportionate reduction in consumer service charge, demand charge or any other fixed charge, if applicable, provided he serves at least 3 days notice on the supplier for shut down of not less than 15 days duration.

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